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    The mission of the Brigantine Public School District is to create a world-class public school that nurtures the development of productive citizens who will be prepared to take their places as contributing members of the 21st Century society, with skills and knowledge necessary to perpetuate and support the principles of American democracy.

    To prepare our children for such transitions, the following fundamental truths are necessary in the district of Brigantine.


    • That the Students, given an environment that capitalizes on their unique abilities, have a desire to learn and succeed in becoming independent thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and responsible individuals capable of developing leadership skills and good citizenship qualities in a rich multicultural setting.


    • That the School’s Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the 21st Century learner, infuses media-rich technology, inspires creativity, communication and collaboration between students and staff, and fosters the skills necessary to thrive in a global society while addressing the knowledge needed to master New Jersey Student Learning Standards.


    • That our School Staff is committed to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning, supportive of multiple learning opportunities and continually strives to improve their professional growth and development to maintain their effectiveness as educators.


    • That Parents are an essential part of a child’s educational process and as such, are primary contributors to their child’s physical, social, emotional and psychological development through active involvement at home as well as at school.


    • That the School Board is supportive and receptive to new ideas while committed to move the district forward through communicating an expectation of excellence to the community at large as well as supporting positive learning environments and advances in technology.


    • That all members of the Community are partners with the school in helping to ensure the success of our district’s goals and objectives in creating a world-class public school system.