What is NJHS?

    National Junior Honor Society is a national organization established in 1929 with the purpose of recognizing outstanding middle school students.

    Who are the NJHS Advisors?

    Mrs. Walkley and Mr. DeFelice

    Who is eligible for Membership in the NJHS?

    7th and 8th grade students are eligible for induction in the NJHS.

    To be considered for membership, students must meet the academic criteria. Students must have a cumulative average of a 92 or above in all subject areas. 7th grade averages are calculated using the first three marking period grades of their current school year. 8th grade averages are calculated using the four marking period grades of the previous school year as well as the first three marking periods of their current school year. Specials, Gym, and Health are averaged as one grade and then averaged in with the cumulative average of the rest of the student’s subject areas to determine each student’s overall cumulative average.

    What other qualifications does an NJHS member need to meet?

    Everyday Scholarship is a commitment to learning and growing on an educational path. It means making the most of the educational opportunities provided and seeking out learning, not only in school or similar settings, but also personally. It stems from a desire to contribute to this world in a positive way by building on one’s own knowledge, skills, and talent through different experiences.

    Everyday Service is seeking out and engaging in meaningful service. It calls for a service mindset, the desire to seek opportunities to help others as well as acts of service.

    Everyday Leadership builds on Everyday Service. Service and leadership oftentimes look very similar. Everyday Leadership is carrying oneself with dignity and taking ownership and responsibility for one’s own actions and participation. Everyday Leadership means being an agent—someone who takes action and responsibility—of your own pathway.

    Everyday Character is valuing diverse cultures and building relationships that reflect love of self but also concern for others. There are endless attributes to good character: perseverance, respect, integrity, honesty, sacrifice—the list goes on. Everyday Character is not about praiseworthy or blameworthy behavior but the personal commitment to ethical and compassionate decision making that affects oneself and others.

    Everyday Citizenship is accepting one’s place and role in the community and seeking to understand the concerns and strengths of that community. For young people in particular, Everyday Citizenship is an opportunity to be educated about and to demonstrate care for the issues that impact those who are citizens in their shared community.

    Please reach out to with any questions regarding the National Junior Honor Society at the Brigantine Community School. Please us the link provided for more information about NJHS: